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Community engagement is critical to every thriving and active community. School systems are a large part of each community in that they have a large role in influencing and educating the youth and providing programming for those around. Here are a few ways in which you can get more involved with your local school system:


Support School or Club Fundraisers

Often, public school systems don’t get enough money from the government to support clubs and their correspondent activities. Because of this, clubs often do their own fundraisers that involve selling candy, hosting events, or selling t-shirts. It is very easy to support these types of fundraisers, and benefitting these types of fundraisers provide quick and easy engagement that can make a significant impact on the ability for individual clubs or programs to function.


Attend School-Run Events

Schools host a variety of events that provide critical funds for the school overall and programs. Make an effort to go to local school plays, band concerts, sporting events, or other sorts of events. Not only are they entertaining and provide a great activity to attend with family or friends, but they also benefit the school and district as a whole and show support through engagement.


Use Your Specific Skills to Help Out

Engagement from person to person never looks the same, and can be done differently from person to person depending on their skills and experiences. If you are a programmer, for instance, volunteer to run workshops for local high school students. If you are into marketing, help market events and fundraisers by spreading the word via the internet. There are so many ways everyone can engage, and those often do not look exactly the same. Be creative and innovative with your engagement.