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The holiday season is cemented in the hearts of people around the world as a time of celebration and expressing gratitude for cherished relationships. There is a distinct spirit of reflection that arises during the holiday season that is almost always followed by an overflowing desire to give gifts, impart love, and participate in acts of service.

Sparked, in part, by an understanding of the numerous disparities and obstacles people face in daily life, there are a number of involvements and causes people choose to devote to during the holiday season to play a part in bettering someone’s life.

Here are five meaningful ways for individuals searching for the ideal avenue to make a difference in their community this holiday season.

  1. Consider donating blood. Donating blood is an important way someone can have an immediate impact in another person’s life. According to the American Red Cross, one blood donation has the potential to save up to three lives. In addition, donors also benefit from this opportunity by receiving a free medical screening!


  1. Volunteer Match is a great platform that helps volunteers work with nonprofit organizations devoted to a particular cause or passion. To-date, Volunteer Match has helped connect 15.3 million volunteers to meaningful involvement in their communities and abroad.


  1. Registering to be an organ donor is likely a topic that wouldn’t immediately come to mind during the holiday season, but the decision to do so could have an impact that lasts throughout generations. In fact, a single organ donor can impact up to 100 lives and introduce hope and a future that would have otherwise been unforeseeable.


  1. A great way to not only build camaraderie within the workplace, but to also embody the spirit of the holiday season is to identify a cause or involvement that aligns with the ideals of one’s company, and then championing that form of outreach in collaboration with colleagues.


  1. In a time where the rise in usage and popularity of social media can be attributed in part to the change in quality of our interpersonal communication, sending a supportive handwritten card to someone going through a troubling time can have a noted impact in the recipient’s wellbeing.