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RajKumar Surisetti

Civic Engagement

RajKumar Surisetti is a freelance software engineer that believes in the power of community and giving back to his community. Civic engagement is becoming more prevalent in today’s society and RajKumar recognizes that shift towards increasing community action.

Communities are, at their core, a family. They take care of each other in times of need or even in cases of natural disasters. RajKumar believes that when one gives to their community, it enhances the culture of the surrounding area.

RajKumar Surisetti was born and raised in India. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, achieving distinction throughout all four years of study. Though he studied in a computer science-related field, RajKumar discovered early on that he was learning a skill set that would enable him to give back to his community in a more unique manner than traditional community action.

Starting in 1994, RajKumar began working for an engineering clinic where he streamlined their database and systems to monitor the details of customers, drug products, receipts, invoices, and inventory control to ensure that products were distributed to specific centers within a given time period with accuracy. This led RajKumar to realize that he was able to give to others by helping companies and businesses with the data they had concerning their patients, clients, or customers. In turn, this solid foundation helped these companies and businesses help those that they serviced. This newfound method of community action led RajKumar to follow wherever the call for help came from.

Civic engagement is important to communities because it unites them for a common goal: the betterment of their surrounding area. Being involved in your community doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to provide funding to organizations and companies in the area. You can volunteer your time, resources, and even your learned skills to help in many areas of your community. Essentially, you just find the action plan that best fits what you’re able to give back and follow through. Doing this allows you to be helpful with changing your community and, perhaps, even inspire others to follow your lead.

RajKumar Surisetti is a family man and hopes that, through his community activities, he is able to instill a sense of community love to his family. By involving yourself in your community, you have the opportunity to contribute to the ever-changing tapestry that is woven by the hands of those who answer the call to action.

  • Certificate from Rational Rose
  • Certified Novell Administrator
  • Certificate of Efficiency in C/C++
  • Member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • Member of Australian Computer Society (ACS)